Version 1.0.7

October 22, 2021
    Booking invoice
    Partner info in service detail page
    Import/Export ical calendar
    New fields allow insert custom code to header and footer
    Add "Description" field in user profile page
    Update Custom Price/Availability calendar in dashboard page
    Update send email function
    Email your partner when they sign up for an account
    Link to terms and condition page
    Feature label always show in the single service page
    Error when apply coupon in checkout page
    Fixed an error of checking room availability when adding to cart

Version 1.0.6

July 12, 2021
    SEO option for site
    External booking link for all services
    Add heading settings option for footer column
    Optimize UI
    Wishlist feature
    Tour external link not show
    Editor not working
    Adding list item not working
    Copyright text in footer not change
    Cannot run artisan command
    Wishlist icon in single page when non-login
    Description of Tour Include/Exclude not showing
    Review has been show all in partner review page
    Search apartment is not showing all items
    Term data not show in partner dashboard

Version 1.0.5

June 07, 2021
    Add items to Wishlist
    Login/Register Popup
    Sort items in the search page
    List/Grid layout in the search page
    Quick tools in manage service table

Version 1.0.4

May 29, 2021
    Beauty Service
    Tour Service
    FontAwesome Picker Integration
    Improve UX in Admin Dashboard
    Option Queue Mail when sending email
    Improve media upload handler
    Datepicker in single Apartment
    Permalink preview button in new service screen


Version 1.0.3

Mar 29, 2021
    Space service
    Update booking type by night for Apartment service


Version 1.0.2

Mar 29, 2021
    Hotel service
    GDPR cookies notification
    Hierarchy for categories
    Optimize list item field settings
    Allow choose image from library for editor field
    Add html language for site
    Scrollbar search page on mobile


Version 1.0.1

Feb 18, 2021
    Right to left layout
    Topbar on frontend
    Plugins management
    New payment gateways: Authorize.Net, BlueSnap, Braintree, Securionpay, Skrill, Submit Form(Offline payment)
    Link "Become to partner" in customer profile screen
    Move "Import Data" and "Email Checker" to "Tools" menu
    Update function in review page of partner
    Language dropdown

Version 1.0.0

    Apartment service
    Car service
    Half map search (Mapbox)
    Powerful admin/partner/customer dashboard
    Bank Transfer, Paypal and Stripe payment gateways
    Fully responsive
    Quick installation
    Multi language
    Multi currency
    Social login
    and much more...
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